New vegetarian restaurant in Trier – Bistro Viva

Update: Bistro Viva has unfortunately closed. The location is now a bakery/cafe (part of the adjacent supermarket).

However, you can hire the former chef to cook in your kitchen!

Trier might be Germany’s oldest town, but it’s certainly not the most vegetarian-friendly one. That’s why I was glad when I found out that a second vegetarian restaurant has opened in this city of 107000 people.

Located in the “Biomarkt Grotzfeld” health food store, “Bistro Viva” opened on March 31, 2014. It has about 40 seats with 15 located at the counter.

Vegetarian Restaurant Trier

Lunch is served from 11h30 to 15h00 from Monday to Saturday with breakfast available earlier and cake and sandwiches later.

The lunch menu changes every day, but you’ll generally have the choice between a soup (also available as a starter), a dish with lots of salad and a salad-less dish. Vegans will find something to eat too, though they might have to ask.

If you think this all sounds very similar to Trier’s other vegetarian restaurant “Oh! Bio Mio”, you’re right. It’s no coincidence, since the chef used to work at there until October 2013. One of the former waitresses also joined him at his new job.

Located at Saarstraße 10, the restaurant is outside the pedestrian zone, but still very accessible by foot (about 1km from Trier’s iconic Hauptmarkt or 1.6km from the Porta Nigra). If you’re arriving by car, you’ll be glad to hear free parking is available just outside the door (for customers only). This map shows the entrance to the parking lot.

Vegetarian Restaurant Trier

For further information, please visit the restaurant’s website (only available in German).

Update March 8: You can now find it on, too.

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