Free photos of Luxembourg for your #luxleaks coverage

Today, I realized that I’m living in an evil tax paradise there seems to be a shortage of somewhat recent photos of Luxembourg to illustrate all of the #luxleaks reports, which is why I’m publishing the following pictures under the CC Attribution 4.0 International licence.

Click on the photos to see them in full resolution. Please give appropriate credit by mentioning “” as the source and by linking to this page, if applicable. Feel free to modify the photos to make them look more ominous (shitty example). Also, I’m sorry for the lack of fog.


Luxembourg (Kirchberg)

Luxembourg Miniature with snow

Free social media icons!

Did you know that Facebook, Twitter, g+ and YouTube all let you download their logos? This generosity, of course, comes with a lot of strings attached in the form of do’s and don’ts and terms and conditions.

I read them all, every single usage guideline. I carefully looked at each example of what not to do. I was ready to include the icons exactly as their owners demanded. Then, however, I came across the following image and realized that YouTube doesn’t give a ‘f’ about using the right ‘f’ logo:
Nobody cares

So why should I? At this point, I could no longer repress my ‘creativity’ and desire to cause chaos and mayhem and started drawing my own icons. Here they are, free for you to admire and download:
Free social media logos

You’re welcome.

How to write “Luxembourgish” (in Luxembourgish)

As a written language, Luxembourgish is more popular than ever. This statement by sociolinguist Mélanie Wagner in an interview with led to a number of comments on the newspaper’s Facebook page.

The list below contains the different spellings of “Luxembourgish” in these comments (referring to the Luxembourgish language in Luxembourgish). It is in no way meant to make fun of the language, the country or the comments*, I just thought it was interesting.

Variation Occurrences
Lëtzebuergesch 7
Letzebuerg** 2
Letzebuergech 2
Létzebuergesch 1
Letzeburg** 1
Letzebursch 1
Letzedeuerch 1
Letztebuergesch 1
Lezeburgich 1

*Not even the hilarious ones like “Eis Land heescht Luxemburg an net anecht” or “Letzeburg as eng SPROCH an basta…”.

**Since the Luxembourgish language is so important for the identity of the country, some people apparently use the same word for both. That’s the most favorable interpretation I can offer.

Luxembourg: Things to do this weekend (Sep. 20/21, 2014)

See the beautiful old cars participating in the Fiva World Rallye (Friday to Sunday, different locations all over the country). Some teams came all the way from Japan!

Enjoy the famous “Nuit des Lampions” on Saturday evening in Wiltz. Update: See some of my photos here.

Visit the companies participating in “Le week-end des portes ouvertes“, e.g. the SNCT.

Have a nice weekend!