Duolingo’s Portuguese course gets “passivo agressivo” lesson

In addition to “flirting” and ” idioms”, the Brazilian Portuguese course on Duolingo gained a third bonus lesson today: Passive Aggressive.

This lesson contains ways to say mean things indirectly. The sentences are designed to provide plausible deniability should your conversation partner confront you (“I didn’t mean it like that“).

“Passive aggressive” example:

Passivo agressivo lesson on Duolingo

Bonus lessons become available on some courses after you complete the first basic lessons and must be unlocked by purchasing them with so-called “lingots”. This part of the article is actually true.

Whether a “Passive aggressive 2” lesson will be added in the future or whether this will simply be “Aggressive 1” is not known at the moment.

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WordPress Meetup | September 17 | Collaborative Workshop

WordPress Luxembourg | September Meetup | Collaborative Workshop

Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019, 7:00 PM

Independent Café
6 Boulevard F-d Roosevelt Luxembourg, LU

19 WordPressers Went

COLLABORATIVE WORKSHOP The plan is simple, everyone comes with (either or all): – Their laptop – Their issues or plans for improvement for their own WordPress website – Their willing to share knowledge and experience – Their cheerfulness * The venue has free Wi-Fi and a few power plugs. After a short introduction, everyone collaborates in small gro…

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Originally created as a blogging platform, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world today (and also powers this website). The WordPress Luxembourg meetup is resuming after the summer break. No matter your level of expertise, you’re welcome to participate!