Things to watch on Xmas when you’re bored

Classic Christmas movies

Home Alone and Die Hard come to mind, though the latter is actually a Hanukkah movie.

Xmas episodes from long-running sitcoms

Bob’s Burgers for the wholesome stuff. Futurama if you wish we had Robot Santa enforcing the curfew. American Dad for taking that good old Christmas violence up a notch.

The long tail of YouTube

You may find wonderful niche videos that correspond to your sense of humor. Note: Other members of your household may not appreciate them as much as you do.


Bonus example:

Happy Holidays!

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Duolingo’s Portuguese course gets “passivo agressivo” lesson

In addition to “flirting” and ” idioms”, the Brazilian Portuguese course on Duolingo gained a third bonus lesson today: Passive Aggressive.

This lesson contains ways to say mean things indirectly. The sentences are designed to provide plausible deniability should your conversation partner confront you (“I didn’t mean it like that“).

“Passive aggressive” example:

Passivo agressivo lesson on Duolingo

Bonus lessons become available on some courses after you complete the first basic lessons and must be unlocked by purchasing them with so-called “lingots”. This part of the article is actually true.

Whether a “Passive aggressive 2” lesson will be added in the future or whether this will simply be “Aggressive 1” is not known at the moment.

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