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  • Get free crypto with WeNano

    Money for nothing? Be careful! It’s good to be skeptical when someone tells you that you’ll get something for nothing, particularly when it comes to decentralized digital money. Crypto is easy to transfer, also for scammers. That said, the competition in this field is intense and legitimate offers do exist. After all, a cryptocurrency without…

  • Free photos for your #OpenLux coverage

    These photos of Luxembourg in February 2021 by Stephan Lechner are published under CC BY 4.0 Link to album on Flickr (resolution might be higher).

  • Things to watch on Xmas when you’re bored

    Things to watch on Xmas when you’re bored

    Classic Christmas movies Home Alone and Die Hard come to mind, though the latter is actually a Hanukkah movie. Xmas episodes from long-running sitcoms Bob’s Burgers for the wholesome stuff. Futurama if you wish we had Robot Santa enforcing the curfew. American Dad for taking that good old Christmas violence up a notch. The long…