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Why is Qatar investing in Luxembourg? It might just be a coincidence as it is investing in neighbouring countries, too. However, while reading "The Strange Power of Qatar" I couldn't help but notice numerous similarities between these two small and weal… more »


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Update: AEP has some interesting comments on the future of the euro and on the report linked above. more »


Links to both the encrypted and decrypted "cable.csv" file can be found in this comment on reddit (and certainly elsewhere on the internet, too). Use 7zip to uncompress the decrypted file. You might also need a program capable of opening very large f… more »


If you like hot air balloons, you're spoiled for choice this weekend… This post is not about yet another Eurozone emergency summit, it's about hot air balloons! If this sounds somewhat interesting to you, you're spoiled for choice this weekend: there's not only the World… more »


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This is the most convincing Google+ video I've seen so far: It addresses the main reasons why I don't post anything on Facebook: I don't want to share everything with everyone. If I come up with something which can be shared with pretty much ev… more »

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