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Why is Qatar investing in Luxembourg? It might just be a coincidence as it is investing in neighbouring countries, too. However, while reading "The Strange Power of Qatar" I couldn't help but notice numerous similarities between these two small and weal… more »


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It's like a mafia movie: The police have found a supicious hole in the ground in Eechebësch and seem to suspect that someone may have dug it to dispose of a body.I'm afraid they may have been watching the wrong movies: What if the whole is not there for putt… more »


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Everyone knows Google Maps (which BTW now allows you to add your local business for free), but there's more:Microsoft's Bing Maps can show you Luxembourg in a "bird's eye" aerial view from multiple angles.User-generated OpenStreetMap is the best si… more »


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The City Concorde shopping center has set up a few stands where you can have your name* written in traditional Chinese characters, buy Chinese tea, try (free!) food, etc., during regular opening hours. It's not the world expo, but it's surprisingly nice.… more »


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If you've ever taken the tourist bus tour in Luxembourg, you probably know that there's an existing European Parliament building here (shown above). If you've had the pleasure of taking the tour as many times as I had to, you might also remember that they say this building is rarely used anymore… more »

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