How to write “Luxembourgish” (in Luxembourgish)

As a written language, Luxembourgish is more popular than ever. This statement by sociolinguist Mélanie Wagner in an interview with led to a number of comments on the newspaper’s Facebook page.

The list below contains the different spellings of “Luxembourgish” in these comments (referring to the Luxembourgish language in Luxembourgish). It is in no way meant to make fun of the language, the country or the comments*, I just thought it was interesting.

Variation Occurrences
Lëtzebuergesch 7
Letzebuerg** 2
Letzebuergech 2
Létzebuergesch 1
Letzeburg** 1
Letzebursch 1
Letzedeuerch 1
Letztebuergesch 1
Lezeburgich 1

*Not even the hilarious ones like “Eis Land heescht Luxemburg an net anecht” or “Letzeburg as eng SPROCH an basta…”.

**Since the Luxembourgish language is so important for the identity of the country, some people apparently use the same word for both. That’s the most favorable interpretation I can offer.

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