Maps of Luxembourg (updated)

It’s been a while since I last wrote about maps of Luxembourg. Here’s what’s changed since 2010/2011:

The usual suspects

Google Maps is now more closely integrated with Google Earth, which has new 3D models of the buildings in Luxembourg city. Be sure to check out the Cargo Center at the airport, Google’s algorithm is hilariously bad at 3D-ifying planes.

It doesn’t seem that Microsoft’s Bing Maps has changed much, but its multiple angles in “bird’s eye” view often look better than Google’s 3D models.

OpenStreetMap is still your best option for hiking and biking trails. BTW, if you want to have access to offline maps on your android phone, I highly recommend an app called OsmAnd.

Lesser known maps of Luxembourg

GR-Atlas visualizes a range of topics from the greater region and has received a few updates, e.g. a map of former and still active breweries in the Greater Region (found on combines aerial images with topographic or street maps and lets you add dozens of layers, covering a wide range of topics. Its “natural hazards” layers can help you avoid expensive mistakes when buying or renting a home (or office, I sure wouldn’t want my small warehouse to be flooded). If you like Sim City, you’ll love this map! is Luxembourg city’s urban information map. Identify buildings by their house number, visualize bus routes, find the nearest Hot City hotspot and much more.

New:, a joint project of the City’s History Museum and the National Archives, superimposes historical maps (and photos) on the current map of Luxembourg city (found on reddit).

Do you know other interesting maps of Luxembourg? Please leave a comment!

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