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Vuvuzela audio filter using (free) Windows software


Vuvuzela audio filter using (free) Windows software

Leave it to the Germans to find a way to remove the annoying sound of the Vuvuzelas from the World Cup: Instructions to filter the Vuvuzela (using free Windows software):
  1. Download VSThost, unzip and run from the directory where you saved it (it doesn't come with an installer).
  2. Donwload a VST equalizer plugin like ReaQ or Electri-Q and run the installer or get the new Fraunhofer Vuvuzela-Filter-Plugin which might lead to superior results.
  3. In VSThost, press Ctrl+N and choose the plug-in from step 2 (e.g. "reaeq-standalone.dll" or "Electri-Q (posihfopit edition).dll"). The resulting configuration should look like this:
    VSThost configuration with equalizer
  4. If you're using the new Fraunhofer Vuvuzela-Filter-Plugin, follow the configuration instructions here.

    If you're using an equalizer plugin, configure it to tune out the frequencies 235Hz, 465Hz, 930Hz and 1860Hz. Start by clicking on the plugin edit symbol (see arrow below):
    Configure equalizer
    Note: Bandwidth values above are very conservative, you'll probably want to increase them later (while listening to the results).

    If you don't want to manually configure the equalizer, use the Electri-Q plugin and download and unzip Hendrick's preset. Click on the plugin edit symbol (as above) and then right-click in the "Presets" display, choose "Import Preset" and select the presets file:
  5. Specify the audio input and output ports in VSThost (completely updated June 18):

    I) If the sound is coming from an external device (e.g. TV line out), connect it to your PC, then choose Devices>Wave from the menu in VSThost and select the corresponding "line in" as the input port. Depending on where you want to listen to the processed audio, choose "loudspeakers", "line out", etc. as the output port [the actual names are more complicated, like "MME: loudspeakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)"].

    II) If you're watching streaming video in your browser, I currently don't know how you'd manage to get filtering to work without buying a second sound card or a software called Virtual Audio Cable (trial version available). Please read below for a possible solution for SHOUTcast streams and let me know in the comments if you have a better idea.

    IIa) If you're using Virtual Audio Cable, set "Line 1 Virtual Audio Cable" both as the standard playback device in your Windows audio settings and as the input port for VSThost (in the Devices>Wave menu), then choose the desired output port ("loudspeakers" or something similar). This way, the original streaming audio is sent to the virtual audio cable, then runs through the filter before being output to the speakers.

    IIb) If you're using a second sound card like the SoundBlaster Audigy 2 (available for a few € on auction sites), specify "Loudspeakers / Creative SB Audigy 2" as the standard playback device in Windows but don't connect any actual speakers to the card. Then go to Devices>Wave in VSThost and choose "What U Hear" as the input port and your regular loudspeakers (connected to the existing sound card or onboard chip) as the output port. Note: If you bought some stupid second sound card which does not have a "What U Hear" or "Stereo Mix" channel you'll have to run an actual cable from one card to the other.
  6. That's it. Make sure "Autosave PlugIn Banks" and "Autosave Performance" are selected in the File menu so that you don't have to redo everything the next time you start VSThost.
Other things you could try if the Vuvuzela still annoys you: First posted June 15, 2010.


Comment from: tom [Visitor]
Could you please be more descriptive about the part 5?

Where is that :

(Windows XP)

What do I've to select for In & for Out ?

Could you please make some screenshots?
2010-06-16 @ 22:30
Comment from: adalbert [Visitor]
adalbertif i set device input and output to microsoft sound mapper or realtek audio input/output, Very annoying high pitch sound comes from speakers. i watch football online. I understand that i can change the every sound (like music), with using volume down in differnt frequency. but there is some sort of audio feedback.
2010-06-17 @ 05:13
Comment from: tom [Visitor]
Thanks for the update. I followed your instructions but I hear no change...

Please let me know what to do! TY

My config :

Windows XP
Built-in Motherboard Realtek soundcard.
VSTHost installed (change made in device > wave)
Parametric Equalizer Pro
Electri-Q (+ preset loaded)

How to start VSTHost plugin ? = Analyer : On/Off ? Input or Output ?
How to start EQ ?
How can I be sure that the eq is working on the signal because there is no audible difference when i hit bypass on/off & if I play with buttons.

Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices Properties > Audio

Sound playback : Virtual Cable 1

Sound recording Default Device : Realtek HD Audio Input
2010-06-18 @ 14:05
Comment from: Vamos [Visitor]
VamosGood job man u saved my ears.Good job.

P.S. my set is TV->Laptop(Vista)->Speakers

Stop asking and try it your self idiots...
2010-06-22 @ 19:29
Comment from: Stephan [Member] Email
StephanTom, please make sure you're only using one equalizer plugin and that the connections in VSThost correspond to the first picture above (In > Equalizer > Out).

If your system is configured correctly, you should not hear any sound from streaming video if VSThost is not active (because the audio is redirected to "Virtual Cable 1"). As soon as you start VSThost, you should be able to hear the processed sound (input: Virtual Cable 1, output: your speakers).

Hope this helps.
2010-06-25 @ 14:20

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