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Return of the Deutsche Mark: not happening this weekend


Return of the Deutsche Mark: not happening this weekend

Deutsche Mark

If I had any loyal readers, they'd know that I like to post BS from time to time. Side effect: I'm pretty good at identifying BS, too. So let's have a look at the signs for the imminent return of the Deutsche Mark (DM), shall we?

These signs can be divided into two groups:

1. Stuff that someone said: informants close to Merkel, overheard conversations between bankers, etc. Well guess what, I can't verify this and those who could are not making any efforts to do so.

2. Concrete signs:

2a. The new bank notes (which look just like the old ones), ready for distribution: fake, original image is here. Got to admire the effort, though.

2b. KITCO's "half-ready" page listing precious metals in DM? Wayback machine says that this page has been around for years. It's obviously not "half-ready", but "half broken" because it's a ghost page that's not maintained anymore.

2c. Gysi's comment. He's criticizing that politicians are just reacting to the developments, running around and throwing money at every new hole that opens in the ground [my words]. That's the context. Then he says: "There's a lot of confusion and I don't know what will happen next Friday, but something's going to happen so I'll see you again then." Something is going to happen, again, like it does all the time. What exactly? He doesn't know, nobody knows.

2d. Invoices which show the former currency in anticipation of its return together with the euro (like this one): some companies never stopped writing invoices like this, particularly in France (Pixmania is a French company). Also: old exchange rate.

I have friends who still calculate in LUF. OMG, that means they're in on the top secret plan! I'll go interrogate them later and should they eventually just turn around and walk
away this can only mean one thing: they know everything but were sworn to secrecy!

2e. Armored convoy transporting money: I don't see any DM in that video.

2f. DENIC name server meltdown on Wednesday: I admit it, for a moment I thought about running to the BCL and buying whatever gold coins they still have. However, after an hour and a half the German internet was back to normal. Sure, if you're planning something like a surprise currency replacement it'd be nice to have an internet blackout. However, you wouldn't want to try this out a few days earlier, first upsetting all the crazies and then giving them a chance to write down the IP addresses of their favorite websites so that they won't be affected when you repeat the procedure a few days later. Makes no sense. Nice adrenaline spike, though.

I'm absolutely not saying that the Euro's going to last forever. There is, however, no proof and no convincing indication that the DM is about to return this weekend. What we're witnessing here is what psychologists call "scenario fulfillment"- people see what they expect.

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Comment from: ANALOGTODIGITAL [Visitor] Email
ANALOGTODIGITALDid you ever heard of the "self fulfilling prophecy"? It's a bit of mass-psychologi/hystery, however, if the mass predict's
the self-fulfilling-prophecy, it really tends to happen in reality! So, if the stock-markets are tumbling tomorrow it will set off a chain reaction and voila the self-fulfilling-prophecy becomes daily reality!
2010-05-16 @ 23:31

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