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Luxtram project abandoned in favor of Lux-MRT


Luxtram project abandoned in favor of Lux-MRT

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Supporters of the alternative projects "Bus-Bunn", "BTB" and "Lux Heli Shuttle" rejoiced today as rumors spread that the government was no longer supporting Luxtram. Their joy, however, did not last very long.

Decades of discussion

"We're not choosing one of the known alternative projects, either", a spokesman clarified. "After decades of discussion we noticed we had missed one crucial option." He continued to explain that all proposed rail projects either had the tracks running through tunnels or at street level. Both options have significant disadvantages, particularly when considering older voters passengers: Subterranean stations would scare them while the tram could not manoeuvre around obstacles, leading "to an enhanced injury risk".

A new paradigm

The ultimate solution, therefore, would be a mass rapid transit system with elevated trackage called Lux-MRT. The advantages are overwhelming:

  • Only one lane is blocked on the street for two elevated tracks.
  • No interference by traffic.
  • No scary tunnels and easily vandalized subway stations.
  • Special open-air cars could replace annoying tourist buses.

The simulation below - said to have cost 20.000€ - shows how the Lux-MRT fits in perfectly with the existing traditional cityscape:

Creative Commons License
Lux-MRT by Stephan Lechner is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Luxembourg License.
Uses a photo by sanbeiji from www.flickr.com


Finally, the Lux-MRT also solves the Schueberfouer issue: While the tram would split the funfair in two, thereby ending this 5000 year old tradition, a "permanent roller-coaster-like segment" could be built for the Lux-MRT, bringing "fun and excitement" into the passengers' daily life.


Comment from: Someone [Visitor]
SomeoneLux-MRT causes no interference on traffic? Are you considering the road space it will take up? Or do you think that the thousands of cars that drive through the roads will suddenly stop? I don't see much logic in this. And to say that the tram would hinder the traffic is preposterous as in many other cities in Europe like Amsterdam have these running up and down the city along with other forms of traffic with no problems in safety. And the tracks for this Lux-MRT do damage the cityscape. It's a protruding track, how can you fail to see it completely brakes with the traditional look of the roads? With trams, this is indeed a non-issue.
2009-08-26 @ 02:12
Comment from: Derek [Visitor]
DerekDid no-one recognise the date of this report?
2011-07-18 @ 15:52

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